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Join us for
Restoring the Presumption of Innocence Conference.

Rushcutters Bay, Sydney
Saturday August 31, 2024
8:30am - 5:00pm

Event Overview


Saturday August 31, 2024


Rushcutters Bay, Sydney.

(Full details of the venue will be provided to ticket holders via email just prior to the event.) 

Hosted by

Australians for Science and Freedom, an organisation promoting better institutions that embed respect for freedom and scientific approaches for society’s problems. To find out more about Australians for Science and Freedom, click here.


Mothers of Sons, an organisation of mothers fighting to expose the injustices their sons have faced in our biased criminal and family law systems. To find out more about Mothers of Sonsclick here


Registration gives you access to the full-day program, plus a sandwich lunch and morning tea.

ASF Member

$110 per person – (ASF Members must be logged in to purchase)


$132 per person

Live streaming

The conference will be live streamed across the world free of charge.  

The streaming link will be available here closer to the event. Please subscribe below, for further information about the platforms and the full program.


If you are unable to attend our historic conference but would like to support our effort to promote free speech in this vital area, perhaps you might contribute to the fundraiser which is helping us cover speakers’ expenses, live streaming and promotion. Here’s the link to the fundraiser.

Link to the fundraiser is here

The Conference

About the Conference

What is the Conference About?

The time is right. Equality before the law no longer exists in Australia. The presumption of innocence has been tossed aside – totally discarded by our biased media and undermined by legislative tampering with basic principles of justice.


For decades our justice system has been tilted to favour “victims”, with the result that men and women are treated very differently – by police, the Family Court, judges and juries in the criminal law system. 

But gradually the rot in the system is being exposed. Right now, 400 current sexual assault cases are being audited by NSW public prosecutors to determine whether, as six judges have claimed, such cases are being pushed through to trial with insufficient evidence.

We are seizing the moment, and bringing together real experts to expose what is going on here. And to talk about what’s needed to achieve a fair system.

Our conference supports all victims of violence and sexual assault and that requires telling the truth about these complex issues. All victims, whether male or female, deserve policies based on up-to-date accurate data and truthful analysis. Flawed analysis can only lead to flawed policy which contributes to the ongoing crisis in our justice system and the current misleading public narrative on these issues. 


Most importantly, the current high rates of false allegations are making it difficult for genuine victims to be heard. These victims deserve a better system. 


Featured Speakers

We are excited to present unique speakers
with real expertise and personal knowledge of
the worrying flaws in our justice system.


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