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Bettina Arndt AM


It was sex that launched Bettina Arndt’s long career. As one of the country’s first sex therapists she spent her early career talking about sex on television and radio and teaching medical students and other professionals. She then worked as a social commentator, writing and talking mainly about gender issues.

By the 1980s she'd had enough of a good thing. She gave up sex - professionally speaking - and moved onto writing for newspapers and magazines about broader social issues.

Having started out as a feminist, Arndt has become increasingly concerned that our society is no longer interested in equality but rather, advancing women at the expense of men. She spent years touring Australian universities, speaking out about the unfair kangaroo courts adjudicating sexual assault on campus. In 2019 the riot squad were called in to protect Arndt’s audience at her Sydney University which led to the Federal Government conducting a free speech inquiry and introducing legislation for new rules to ensure open debate on our campuses.

In 2020 Arndt was made a member of the Order of Australia for her work “promoting gender equity through advocacy for men.” This led to a ferocious feminist campaign to try to cancel her. Arndt saw this as a sign she was over the target and remains dedicated to her work promoting fair treatment for men.

She now blogs on Substack and continues her work in the media, speaking out about our increasingly anti-male society.    

Bettina Arndt AM
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