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Damian Coory


Damian is founder and host of the independent weekly video news show  The Other Side which reaches more than half a million views a month on YouTube and is also available on the independent platform ADH TV.  


Damian has spent more than 35 years in senior roles in media and corporate communications and is continuously seeking to understand how media influences culture. 

His presentation will focus on how the political far-left – and in particular, radical left-wing feminism - has ‘captured’ Australia’s institutions, platforms of debate, and national discourse.


He is particularly concerned by the media’s role in the demonisation of men, and the almost universal unwillingness of the Australian media to challenge any of the dominant feminist assumptions, no matter how increasingly divorced from reality  and basic principles of justice they become.


Damian is the former Managing Director of Edelman public relations for Hong Kong and Taiwan, one of the world’s leading PR agencies.  He spent 20 years working across Asia Pacific as a consultant on issues management and crisis communications for many of the world’s biggest companies. Prior to this Damian was a news presenter and senior reporter in Australia during the 80s and 90s for Network Ten, 3AW, 2UE, 4BC, ABC Radio and News Director at Triple M Brisbane. 

Having lived through the loss of freedoms in Hong Kong, Damian was horrified when he returned to Australia in 2020 at the lack of opinion diversity in the media and the level of support for state narratives. He created THE OTHER SIDE as a ‘small contribution to providing a platform for the many good people battling real social injustices who are denied a voice in the modern wave of woke lynching and hysteria.’

Damian Coory
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