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Ian Jones


Ian Jones’ son Dan found himself incarcerated in Goulburn maximum security jail for almost five months, as a result of multiple false violence and sexual assault allegations made by his former fiancé, Sara Jane Parkinson. It took 5 years and over $350,000 in legal fees for the Jones’ family to get Parkinson sent to prison. Ian will give more background to this incredible story, which was featured on 60 Minutes.

Sara Jane Parkinson became one of the very rare cases of women being punished for making false allegations, yet she served only 2 of her 3-year sentence. But there were no negative consequences for corrupt AF and NSW Police officers who assisted Parkinson in making her accusations – apart from her husband who was forced out of the NSW police force.

Jones will explain his ongoing campaign for compensation for the family over Dan’s wrongful imprisonment and the efforts by ACT government to sweep the whole thing under the carpet.

Jones joined the Royal Australian Navy at 16 and served a total of 24 years in the engineering trades and completed numerous overseas deployments. After leaving the Navy Ian served as an engineer for the Australian Customs Service (later Border Force), followed by 19 years with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority as a Senior Surveyor based in Canberra before relocating back to Perth in 2022/23.

Ian Jones
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